Graduating from DMU and forward

After a surprisingly quick three years, I can happily say I've finally graduated from university, and with a 2:1. When I started my path through games dev I never expected my time at De Montfort to be so eventful, and because of that I've met great people along the way. Being a part of the games dev society, as well as participating in the games jams within brought me in contact with a lot of friends for life, some of which I even live with now. But now, I've got even more to look forward to. Getting into the industry is my next priority, and I'm going to need to work hard for it.

In the meantime, I've been working alongside Archie at home, furthering my dissertation project from being a tech demo dungeon generator into a fully fleshed game. All built on my own engine, we'll be turning the tools I've made into a dungeon crawler I can call my own.

Of course, now that I've graduated I can safetly say that I'm unemployed and looking for a job, and while I'm currently applying to places personally, if you are reading this and have an opportunity for me to know about, please do.

Expect to see more posts about the dungeon crawler in the near future!

Games Jam - November 11th

It was an extremely enjoyable experience for our first games jam of the year. I had the opportunity of working with several first and second years as a third year and was able to manage a team of progerammers myself. The theme was "Reflections" and our game involved reflecting on the 7 stages of Grief in an endless platformer. Definitely looking forwards to the Global Games Jam in January.