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Currently working as a software developer in Nottingham, I’m an aspiring games developer striving to work on games both on my own and with friends. Experienced in C++, with extensive knowledge on engine development, integrating rendering, physics, and shaders into my own homemade engines, as well as integrating game design. Having experienced using Unreal Engine in team projects during games jams, I've worked on numerous games with groups of other individuals. With hopes to work within the games industry, I am currently looking for work within the world of Games.

Being born in Beijing, China, I have travelled my entire life with my family to various places, including Germany, France, Turkey and Thailand. My childhood involved playing online games with my friends in the States late at night, and as such my ambition for programming started with video games. Once I started programming, I realised that I enjoyed making games for others to play more than I did actually playing, and I pursued this to where I am today.

My hobbies include travelling the world, cooking, and playing video games.


My Projects


Space Station 13 - 2015 - 2019

Initially introduced to the game as just something to play during my off-time, Space Station 13 is a community developed, multiplayer round-based role playing game, where players assume the role of a crewmember on a space station. Together they must keep the station running smoothly, whilst dealing with antagonistic forces who threaten to sabotage the mission.

After getting sucked into the community by other players, I began developing for SS13 initially for Apollo Station, where I created an entirely new station (the playing field where everyone co-exists) over the course of three months. Since then I’ve been able to work alongside many of the open source community’s developers in order to bring new content to the players.

for me, SS13 is rewarding because of the already existing playerbase I became a part of, where my work was able to be brought to life by the players. I take pride in seeing people enjoy my work, and it’s the reason I keep coming back.

You can view my most recent contributions TO SS13 here


Procedural Dungeon Generator - Dissertation 2018

My final year project, being a dungeon generator developed in C++ using OpenGL. With my dissertation project being focused around procedural generation, I wanted to work on an engine that could support the framework for a dungeon generator built on a component-based architecture.

Github Repository


Spaceloop - Personal Project 2018

SpaceLoop is a side-project that was worked on by myself and my friend Archie Whitehead that features a fast-paced spaceship dodge 'em gameplay involving avoiding obstacles and enemies while flying through a ring world in space. The project was being developed in Unreal Engine and utilised C++ elements in order to supplement blueprint assets.

The game featured a fleshed out biome-picking system that places track segments in order while swapping between a list of biomes after each length of segment, as well as a completed ship player controller. The ship has the ability to speed up and slow down, as well as the ability to roll in order to squeeze between obstacles.

Github Repository


Box2D Pong - 2017

Completed in my second year of Computer Games Programming at De Montfort University for coursework, this pong clone was created using C++ with SFML and Box2D.

GitHub Repository


Run, Potato! - Games Jam 2017

Being another games jam, with the theme being "Potato", our team created a temple-run style game in which you are a potato, in a world made entirely of potatoes. The game involved jumping over several obstacles such as knives, forks, and deep fryer pits while picking up different power-ups that sped the game up to an extremely difficult pace. Run, Potato! was created in Unreal Engine. I was in charge of developing the endless track generation that would pick from a list of track pieces.

GitHub Repository


JavaScript Invaders - 2016

Created during my frist year of Computer Games Programming at De Montfort University, this space invaders clone was created using JavaScript.

Github Repository

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